Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Event Detail

Pavilion Bukit Jalil, Orange Zone, Level 3
10am till 10pm. Last admission will be 8.40pm
1st December 2023 till 10th March 2024
The estimated time taken for the full B Star Verse Exhibition experience is between 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Visitor Information

The guidelines for our admission will be as follows:
Ages from 5-12 must be admitted with an adult guardian.
Children below 5 years old will not be provided with a VR headset in the VR room, they can still watch from the screen. It will be the adult guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the children do not disturb the show or other visitors’ experience by causing disturbances and/or making loud noise.
Children below 5 years old may enter for free
The total number of crowd within the exhibition area shall not exceed 400 pax at the same time.

Ticketing & Refund

The VR show time is fixed at 3 slots per hour. A group of 100 to go in every 20 minutes.
Kids, Standard and Flexi and Walk-In pass.
The E-tickets will be sent via email if purchased online and a printed ticket will be provided if purchased at the exhibition venue.
Tickets may be purchased from our authorized ticketing agents online or at the exhibition venue.
Yes. Subject to availability.
Yes. Subject to availability
No. Tickets purchased are only valid if done so via our appointed ticketing agents.
1 person can purchase up to 10 tickets in one transaction.
If you are late for the VR slot selected, there will be no more entry to the VR room, however, you may still enter the experiential zone.
You may change the ticket date subject to availability. All requests for changes shall be made no later than seven (7) days from date of purchase. Additional processing fees may be charged. Please contact for more information.
Yes. Subject to availability. Additional processing fees may be charged. Please contact for more information.
The tickets sold are non refundable.

E tickets will be sent via email and no redemption is needed on site.
Credit Card, E-wallet, FPX are accepted


From our merchandise shop or pre-purchase during the purchase of tickets.

For pre-purchased merchandise items, it can be pre-booked via authorized / official website with 50% deposit payment. Pre-booked merchandise can only be collected during the day of your visit upon payment of the remaining balance before collection.
Credit Card, E-wallet, FPX are accepted
You may change the t-shirt size subject to availability. Additional processing fees may be charged. Please contact for more information. (This is only applicable for t-shirt size changes and one-time change only.)


Pavilion Bukit Jalil, Level 3, Orange Zone. Located next to Uniqlo.
By Car/Private Vehicle: Parking is available at Pavilion Bukit Jalil's parking lots. Standard parking rates apply; or

By Public Transport: Public transport is accessible via LRT & bus. Please stop at Awan Besar LRT Station (Sri Petaling Line) and take the shuttle bus or public bus to Pavilion Bukit Jalil.
Public transport is accessible via LRT & bus. Please stop at Awan Besar LRT Station (Sri Petaling Line) and take the shuttle bus or public bus to Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

Rules and Policy

Photography and videography are not allowed within the exhibition zone, there will be a dedicated photo zone towards the end of the exhibition.

No. Food and/or drinks of any kind are strictly not allowed.

Updates and Contact support

From our official website, ticketing platform and social media accounts:

TikTok: bversemalaysia
IG: bversemalaysia
X(Twitter): bversemalaysia
You may send your request to the following email:
You may contact us for partnership enquiries via email:

General Terms & Conditions

1. All tickets are sold online and issued electronically.
2. No refunds or exchange of tickets will be made under any circumstances. Ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.
3. Free admission for children aged 5 & below. Children aged 12 and below must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. In the event that the behaviour of the children is causing disturbance to other visitors, Seni Jaya reserves the right to remove you from the Exhibition.
4. Please ensure that the ticket purchased by yourself is not shared with any other third party.
5. For those who purchase on behalf of your friends/family, please ensure that the ticket is issued to the right person.
6. For multiple tickets purchased, you are solely responsible for all tickets under your purchase.
7. In the event of any change of the identity cards submitted during the online purchase, the current valid identity card must be produced before Ticket2u customer service agent or any such authorised personnel in order to be registered, Ticket2U/Organiser’s customer service reserves the right to request for further confirmation or documents to verify the ID of the purchaser or persons under the multiple tickets. In the event that the confirmation or documents are insufficient to verify the ID of the purchaser, Ticket2U/Organiser ground floor staff reserve the absolute right to refuse entry to the Exhibition.
8. The purchaser must be able to show, for registration purposes, the e-confirmation verification sent to the purchaser and a clear soft copy of the identity card submitted online during the ticket purchased online. On-ground access control procedures and methods are bound by the Terms and Conditions of sale specified herein and any other provision as may be specified from time to time.
9. All visitors must redeem entrance passes at the exhibition venue at least 15 minutes or a maximum of 1 hour before the booked time slot. All visitors shall collect their free gifts from the entrance to the Virtual Reality room, unless otherwise informed by the organiser. Only one (1) set of free gifts per visitor and no exchange and/or replacement will be given for such free gifts. Visitors shall be responsible for their own free gifts once distributed by the organiser.
10. Guests who arrive more than 15 minutes after the entry time on their ticket are not guaranteed access at the moment of arrival. We will do our best to accommodate you as capacity allows in the next available entry group after we have granted access to all ticket buyers. However, in the event that there are no available slots in the following groups, there shall be no refund and/or compensation provided to such visitors.
11. Purchasers MUST show their original identity card and confirmation email with a QR code upon ticket collection. In the event the confirmation or documents provided are insufficient to verify the ID of the individual and/or purchaser, the organiser reserves the absolute right to refuse such individual access/entry to the Exhibition.
12. A valid QR code ticket must be produced to access the Exhibition. Removing any part of and/or altering and/or defacing the QR code may invalidate the ticket. The ticket or E-ticket is non-refundable, not for resale, non-replaceable if lost or stolen, and will not be valid if it is altered or damaged. The organiser reserves the right to cancel such ticket if found resold.
13. Third parties are not allowed entry to the Exhibition.
14. In the case of duplicate access on the event day, visitors are required to show proof of purchase, if the visitor is unable to provide sufficient evidence, no entry will be allowed by such visitor.
15. Flexi tickets are only valid on the date selected by the visitor and subject to availability of the earliest possible time slot, without time restriction.
16. Each ticket is for ONE-TIME ADMISSION ONLY according to the date and time slot chosen.
17. Purchase from Unauthorised Sources / Refusal of Admission:
(a) Exhibition tickets may only be purchased at the designated Ticket2U website (“Website”). Any ticket(s) purchased from any other source may be unauthorised copies and purchaser(s) may be refused entry to the Exhibition.
(b) In the event that the purchaser provides false or incorrect data when making the purchase, the purchaser may be prevented from entering the Exhibition.
(c) Ticket2U/Organiser reserves the right, without refund of any amount paid, to refuse the admission to, and/or eject any person whose behaviour does not comply with the rules and regulations set forth by us and/or the venue.
18. Delay & Postponement
(a) Ticket2U does not allow any exchange or cancellation of tickets under any circumstances and tickets sold are neither transferrable nor refundable unless otherwise permitted under the paragraph below.
(b) In the event of postponement, the ticket purchased for the original booked date and time may be applicable and valid for the next available date and time unless otherwise notified.
(c) The Organiser reserves the right to postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the event due to any causes beyond its reasonable control.
19. Ticket2U/Organiser reserves the right to change or amend any terms and conditions at any time at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notice.
20. For any Pre-Booked Merchandise authorised/official website, visitors shall be required to pay a deposit of 50% of the price of such Pre-Booked Merchandise at the time of purchase. Visitors are also required to pay the remaining 50% of such price before collection of such Pre-Booked Merchandise on the date of the booked slot of the Exhibition ticket. In the unlikely event that the visitor is unable to collect and/or pay for such Pre-Booked Merchandise on the date of the booked slot, such visitor shall make the collection and final payment within seven (7) working days from the date of such booked slot of the Exhibition ticket. If such Pre-Booked Merchandise is not collected within the timeline above, the deposit paid shall be forfeited and there shall be no compensation towards the visitor for the above, for any reason whatsoever.
21. All Merchandise purchased in relation to the Exhibition (both pre-booked or at the Exhibition) shall not be refundable or exchangeable under any circumstances.
1) Prohibited Activities / Items
a) While at the exhibition hall, visitors must NOT:
i. Offer or display any goods or services for sale.
ii. Distribute any printed or recorded material.
iii. Bring any flag, banner or signage.
iv. Play any music or sound, except via personal earphones.
v. Engage in any unsafe act or impede the operation of the exhibition.
vi. Smoking or vaping.
vii. Cause any disturbance to other visitors
viii. Cause any damage to the exhibition materials.
ix. The use of cameras, phone cameras, flashlights, tripods and selfie sticks is prohibited in the entire exhibition area, and photography & videography are not allowed in the exhibition areas except at the photo booth provided. Please abide by the regulations of each area of the exhibition and as instructed by our ushers, and respect the intellectual property rights of the artists and the copyright of the works.
b) The following are not be brought into the exhibition hall:
i. Pets.
ii. Outside food and beverage, except for bottled water.
iii. Glass containers.
iv. Illegal, hazardous, sharp or combustible items.
v. Transport devices with wheels (except wheelchairs), including but not limited to skateboards, scooters, in-line skates or shoes with built-in wheels.
vi. Remote-controlled devices and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).
vii. Suitcases, coolers or backpacks, with or without wheels at any size.
viii. Folding chairs.
ix. Weapons or items that appear to be used as weapons.
x. Face coverings, except for religious or medical purposes, or face masks.
xi. Items (including clothing) with language or imagery offensive to the general culture of Malaysia.
2) Safety, Security and Comfort
a) By entering visitors accept that they have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure their own safety and belongings, taking into account any personal medical conditions. All visitors in and around the exhibition should behave in a safe manner at all times and accompanying adults shall exercise reasonable steps in supervising the children.
b) We reserve the right to carry out bag inspections for all visitors.
c) No food or beverages are permitted once you’ve entered the exhibition with the exception of closed plain water bottles.
d) In the event that the Visitor causes damage to any part of the Exhibition and/or the Exhibition materials, the visitor shall be fully liable for all such damage.
e) We reserve the right to refuse admission to or remove from the exhibition, any visitor who contravenes these T&Cs without any refund and/or compensation of any kind.
f) Unruly, disruptive or offensive behaviour and profanity is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Violators may be asked to leave the B*Verse Exhibition without a refund or compensation of any kind.
3) Disclaimers
a) Organizer of the exhibition reserves the right to change any aspect of operations, including maintenance, renovation or private events. Events are subject to postponement or cancellation; if such events are organised by organizer, it will try its best (but is not obligated) to notify visitors who have made prior registration for such events.
b) The organizer shall not, in any event be liable for any death, injury, damage or loss howsoever caused within exhibition area.
c) Organizer will not be responsible for any lost, misplaced or stolen belongings.
d) The Virtual Reality headset may cause nausea or discomfort for some individuals and visitor’s discretion is advised. Visitors may opt out of wearing the Virtual Reality headset and enjoy the experience via the screen in front. By wearing the Virtual Reality headset, you agree to assume all risks and hold harmless the organiser from any liability for any damages or injuries that may result from its use. In the event that visitors damage the Virtual Reality headset, such visitors shall be liable for all damage that occurred to the maximum liability of the market price of a Virtual Reality headset of the same make and quality.
e) The Exhibition contains flashing lights which may trigger seizures or other adverse reactions in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy or other medical conditions visitor’s discretion is advised.
1. Ownership or possession of the ticket for the Exhibition does not confer any rights (by implication or otherwise) on the purchaser to use, alter, copy and/or otherwise deal with any of the symbols, trademarks, logos and/or intellectual property appearing on the ticket.
2. Information is collected from those registering with Ticket2U in order to facilitate ticket or other services available. The information collected and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
3. The information collected from those registering with Ticket2U in order for marketing promotion will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Notice Policy. By registering, the Registrant provide his/her consent to Ticket2U / Exhibition organiser in processing their information and permits sponsors, partners and/or authorised parties to contact the purchaser to receive marketing materials and communications for future events, promotions and any other marketing and promotional activities.